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"bringing ideas into reality"

Drone Racing:

Be a part of the Genoa High School's Drone Racing Team. Students will be put into teams and will compete against each other as well as against other schools in the Northwest Ohio Drone Racing League. Drone racing is FPV which means the students fly their drone through VR headsets and control their drone from first person point of view. Students will initially build their drone and maintain it as they compete to see who is the top pilot.

Safety 3rd Racing Academy
Drone Racing

Computer Numeric Control Projects:

For example, some of the projects that students will be able to design and create will be personalized wooden signs and carving boards, LED signs and acrylic lights, clocks, lights, jewelry boxes as well as many other creations. Students will learn to strip and wire low voltage LED lights, measure and cut wood for work pieces, plane and sand wood, as well as setup and run the CNC machines.

Computer Numeric Control Projects

Fusion 360, 3D Printing & LaserWorks:

In regards to 3D printing, students will download their own free version of Fusion 360 which will allow them to construct their objects in a 3D working environment. Students will create new products and manufacture products as simple as pencil holders and as sophisticated as designing a replica city. Students will also use LaserWorks V8 to integrate and utilize the BOSS Laser into their projects.

Fusion 360, 3D Printing & LaserWorks

Design, Develop & Distribute your idea:

The goal of this class is to develop a problem solving mentality. With all projects, students will be presented with general guidelines that they must stay within, but overall they are to design their solution to the problem. Then after the design phase, they will develop and create their product before a given deadline. Students will be encouraged to express creative designs and problem solving techniques.

Design, Develop & Distribute your idea